West still on track for Weds.

Celtics guard Delonte West wore his full uniform and taped his ankles for this morning’s walkthrough. But despite his eagerness, West won’t play this afternoon against the Heat. He says he expects to play about 10 minutes on Wednesday against New Jersey.

“I want to play,” said West. “I’m a player. We’ve been geared to play through injuries, through minor injury. I think they’re looking more for the big picture. They don’t want me to be out there and get injured before it’s right there at the finish line. A few more days and I’ll be going full tilt.”


West says his wrist gets sore after doing pushups or lifting weights. He said the pain was more from his arm being weak and from scar tissue, and that the bone is almost fully healed.

“I can pretty much do everything,” he said.

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