All the chatter

LOS ANGELES — Here are some of the best quotes from the first media session. We’re not talking about Rajon Rondo telling international media he still hasn’t gotten his copy of Rosetta Stone or Dirk Nowitzki telling a reporter that his boss Mark Cuban has no place to be on Entourage.

From Carmelo Anthony’s trade situation to the Lakers shocking loss to Cleveland to end the first half, there was tons to talk about yesterday. Here’s what they said.



Kobe Bryant didn’t bite his tongue for reporters yesterday.

Carmelo Anthony talked openly about the trade rumors that have swirled around him since before the start of the season: The Nuggets have to weigh their options. If it’s a deal with somebody else that’s legit, we all have to talk about it. But time is ticking, man, and time is money.


After being labeled the fall guy for Jerry Sloan’s resignation, Deron Williams answered every question about it with remarkable candor: You want to know what happened? We have a play called 22. It starts on the left side of the floor. I told everybody, ‘Let’s try it on the right side of the floor.’ That’s it. He got a little upset with me. That was it. It wasn’t a big deal. That’s why. We’ve had arguments before.

If coach Sloan calls a play, I’m going to run it. If coach Sloan told me to jump over the … well, I probably couldn’t. I did whatever coach Sloan said. Offensively, defensively. Sometimes we’d disagree on things and we’d have an argument. But I never broke plays, or he called something and I said, ‘No, I’m not running that.’ Never.

A Belgian personality asked Kobe Bryant what questions he was getting sick of hearing: Why the Lakers suck and where’s Carmelo going.

Fresh off dropping 42 points in a win over the Spurs, Derrick Rose talked about his MVP hopes: At the beginning of the season, I just made my goals very high, so that makes me want to work for it. So when I’m in a jam, I think about all of the other players in the league, like all of the other great players, and see what they are doing every day and see how they are working out, or wonder how they are working out, and it makes you want to play hard. Makes you want to work hard. I think I’ve sacrificed and dedicated my whole life to this game where once again, that’s my point of playing this game. If you don’t want to be the best, I should definitely retire right now.

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