Dunk of the night: Wall bounces to Griffin

John Wall’s bounce-pass alley-oop to Blake Griffin was one of his Rookie Game-record 22 assists last night.

LOS ANGELES — The play was so disgusting that John Wall stopped to do the Dougie while the ball was still live.

Hey, it’s the rookie game.

Wall was on the break, and even though he was at the 3-point line, he knew that since he had Blake Griffin running the floor with him, he could lob the ball anywhere in the vicinity of the backboard and Griffin would go get it.

He decided to bounce it hard off the floor, giving it enough arc for Griffin to throw down with easy. Griffin continued his anger management sessions with the rim, flushing it down two-handed on a reverse.


It was one of Wall’s 22 assists as the rookies downed Lawrence Frank’s sophomore team, 148-140.

Griffin’s the favorite for tonight’s dunk contest, but if what the Washington Post’s Michael Lee said is true, JaVale McGee has a dunk that could be the wildest thing since Vince Carter jammed his arm through the net.

Been sworn to secrecy, but if the JaValevator pulls off dunk I just saw @ end of shootaround, he’s got a 50 in the can Sat. @ SDC #wizardsless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

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