Rivers: ‘The bottom is we’ll see’



Doc Rivers explained some of the thinking behind the trade that sent Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City to Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.

DENVER — Celtics coach Doc Rivers explained some of the thinking behind the trades to the media before tonight’s game.

The bottom line: Well, the bottom is we’ll see. We think we did pretty well today. Red would always say, whatever the single-best player in the trade is, try to get it. But whether that’s Jeff Green or Perk, we don’t know that. Krstic is a good piece for us as well. He spreads the floor which I think is great for Rondo. Jeff Green does as well, which I think is great for Rondo.


We needed to get a ‘3’ and a ‘4’ as far as a swing guy. This gives us the ability to do what I did the year we won it, which is at times we can go small with Green at ‘4’ and Kevin at the ‘5’ and Paul and Ray and it spread the floor. We’ve been trying to get that lineup since [James] Posey left. I think people forget how many times we did that in the playoffs which was every fourth quarter for the most part. We haven’t been able to duplicate that. In some ways, that hurt Rondo. In this way, that should help.



Kendrick Perkins spent his entire career playing for Rivers.

Confidence in Green defensively: I mean, do you feel comfortable with anybody guarding LeBron or Carmelo? Yeah, I do. I’ve seen enough. I saw one year of him and I saw a lot of him in that year. In Oklahoma, he switched on ‘1s’, ‘2s, and ‘3s’ in pick-and-roll coverage. I know he’ll want to. I know our defensive schemes, we’ll have to help him guard those guys, but I think everyone has to guard LeBron and all those guys so it doesn’t matter.

Faith in Shaq coming back healthy: It’s a key proponent of this. We need to get Shaq healthy. Shaq will be healthy, but if Shaq plays great, then this deal was obviously really, really good for us. That’s on Shaq, getting Shaq in great shape, getting him ready, getting him healthy. It’s really going to be important for us in the playoffs.


Chemistry: You don’t know [how it’s going to work], but both guys are pretty good character guys though. I know that. I talked to Scott [Presti] for a long time today, and that’s the biggest thing he’s concerned about, he’s losing two high character guys in his locker room. I told him, with Perk, you’re getting probably the best one in the league as a replacement, but you just don’t know fit. You don’t even know guys until you coach guys. So we’ll find all that out.

Losing Perk: For Perk, my entire years in Boston have been with Perk and he’s been with me. So, personally, it’s tough.

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Starting lineup: That team never lost. So we can just end that, but we have to win with the group we have, and I think we will.

Trading addressed the present more than the future: I’m sure that had a little to do with it, but not as much. We were looking at numbers both ways. But not as much contract.

Playing on deadline day: For 10 years, I’ve said you should never have a game, you shouldn’t play on the trade deadline days. It should be on the all-star break, because things like this happen where you can’t get enough guys. I don’t know why, but it is what it is and we have to play.

Starting center: Shaq will be in our starting five unless we see something different. But Shaq should be and will be. So we’re comfortable with it. And obviously, getting Jermaine healthy would help as well.


Would they have been this active if Daniels were healthy: We may have been, but the Marquis part, we were not going to win without a backup for Paul. You could see every game one of them [Paul or Ray] got in trouble. We were in trouble. So we had to do something.

Did you talk to Perk on the way out: Yeah, me an Perk had a good talk.

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