FInal: Celtics 99, Clippers 92

Final, Celtics 99-92: The Celtics get their first win of the post-Kendrick Perkins era with a tough win against a talented Clippers team. The newbies were solid. Nenad Krstic scored nine points with six rebounds in 21 minutes while Jeff Green added seven points in 17 minutes. Randy Foye led the Clippers with 32 points and Blake Griffin added 21 points and 11 rebounds but was mostly contained.

Fourth quarter, 1:23, Celtics 96-87: Randy Foye made it interesting with his fourth 3-pointer to reduce the Celtics’ lead to 92-87 but Boston responded with consecutive hoops, including an acrobatic layup from Glen Davis, who has 10 points.

Fourth quarter, 2:36, Celtics 92-84: The Celtics can’t stop Randy Foye, who has 29 points on 9-for-16 shooting and has scored five straight points to keep the Clippers close. The bench extended the lead but the starters are blowing it. Blake Griffin has 21 points and 11 rebounds for Los Angeles.


Fourth quarter, 6:09, Celtics 89-77: An 8-0 run, keyed by 3-pointers from Paul Pierce and Delonte West have created some distance. Pierce has 23 points on just 12 shots while West has 9 points and 4 assists in 12 minutes.

Fourth quarter, 9:06, Celtics 78-75: Game is still very much in doubt as the Celtics’ bench is not building on the lead. Nenad Krstic has been solid with nine points and six rebounds but the Celtics are shooting just 40 percent. They are staying in the game at the free throw line.

End of third quarter, Celtics 74-68: Celtics outscore the Clippers 34-21 in the quarter and led by as many as nine but the Clippers are scoring in spurts and the defense needs to tighten to pull this one out. Paul Pierce has 20 points on just 11 shots while Kevin Garnett has 14 points and eight rebounds. Blake Griffin and Randy Foye each have 21 points.

Third quarter, 2:24, Celtics 65-61: Clippers on an 8-3 run after the Celtics stretch the lead to 9. Blake Griffin just ignites the crowd with a breakaway dunk and the Celtics need to regain their focus and not let the Clippers get any hope of stealing a win.

Third quarter, 5:11, Celtics 62-53: These are the reall Celtics as they have come out and punched the Clippers repeatedly with stellar defense and pounding the ball in the paint for free throws. Clippers have been called for 17 fouls to the Celtics’ 7 because Boston has been more aggressive and the Big Three has awoken. They have a combined 44 points.


Third quarter, 8:40, Clippers 51-50: Celtics have come alive offensively and are getting to the free throw line with five FTs already in the quarter. And the defense has finally figured out the Clippers.

Halftime, Clippers 47-40: A frustrating half for the Celtics, who couldn’t get a break, including watching as Blake Griffin hit slingshot 19-footer as the 24-second shot clock expired. The Clippers shot 42 percent in the quarter but still the Celtics could only reduce the lead one point. Randy Foye has 14 points and Blake Griffin 11 while Ray Allen has 11 for Boston. The rest of the Celtics are 8-for-27 from the field.

Second quarter, 2:59, Clippers 40-34: The defense has responded but now it’s time to score consistenly. Celtics are still shooting 35.5 percent and the trio of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis are 3-of-14 from the field. Ray Alllen has 11 points.

Second quarter, 6:17, Clippers 38-27: First it was Chris Kaman now it’s Randy Foye who has 12 points in 18 minutes as the Clippers are creating distance and don’t look like the team that was wasted by the Lakers last night. The Clippers are shooting 57 percent and Blake Griffin only has six points.

Second quarter, 8:34, Clippers 30-25: The Celtics are beginning to step up their defense but they have to do something about Chris Kaman, who has 10 points in eight minutes. And before you say Perk would have done something about that. He wouldn’t have played tonight even if he were still a Celtic.

End of first quarter, Clippers 26-18: Celtics finish a porous quarter with 33 percent shooting, including several missed layups while the Cluppers get six players to score, notably Chris Kaman with six points in five minutes. Jeff Green has one point in two minutes.


First quarter, 2:08, Clippers 22-16: The Ciippers are filling up the basket so far, making 10 of their first 16 shots. Six Clippers have already scored and Blake Griffin already has one alley-oop. The Celtics are shooting 7-for-19 and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are a combined 2-for-9.

First quarter, 5:18, Clippers 14-10: Celtics lucky to be so close because they are shooting less than 27 percent from the field — 4-for-15 — and Kevin Garnett is 0-for-4 against Blake Griffin. Clippers are sharing the ball and hitting their layups.

First quarter, 6:51, Clippers 12-8: Nenad Krstic played hard in his first three minutes as a Celtic but he picked up two fouls. The Celtics are 3-for-11 from the field and Blake Griffin just tried to dunk on Glen Davis from outside the key.

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