Harris reached out to injured, traded Daniels

SALT LAKE CITY — Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels go back to their days together in Dallas, when they were both rookies on the Mavericks team that lost to Miami in the Finals. Harris said he talked to Daniels after seeing his frightening spinal cord injury against the Magic on Feb. 6, but he hasn’t spoken with Daniels since he was traded to Sacramento at last week’s deadline.

Before tonight’s game, Harris said:

“It’s tough. He’s a little scared right now, but I think if that situation happened to any one of us, we’d be in that same situation. He just wants to get healthy and know that he can go out there and play and be effective.

It was hard to watch, knowing that wasn’t even anything out of the ordinary. He was just trying to rip through and when he hit the floor, it was kind of scary.”


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