Final: Bulls 97, Celtics 81

Final, Bulls 97-81: Chicago ends the game on a 37-25 run and pulled away in the fourth quarter. Chicago has just three players in double figures but they scored a combined 67 points while the Celtics’ Big Four scored a combined 39. Paul Pierce leads the Celtics with just 15 points.

Fourth quarter, 2:51, Bulls 87-73: Celtics are done here as the Bulls dominated a 10-minute period and pulled away early in the fourth quarter. Derrick Rose has 28 points on 9 made field goals. The Celtics Big Four have 15 total field goals, so that tells the story. Paul Pierce has 15 points, including the last five when the game has been decided.


Fourth quarter, 5:02, Bulls 85-68: Hard to believe this was a 60-56 game just 10 minutes ago but the Celtics have just stopped scoring and the Bulls are pounding the ball in the paint and hitting jumpers. Derrick Rose has embarrassed Rajon Rondo with 28 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists. Rondo has 7, 4 and 6.

Fourth quarter, 9:09, Bulls 79-65: Luol Deng is hurting the Celtics just as much as Derrick Rose, He has 18 points while Carlos Boozer is being allowed to bang in the paint and is having his way with the Celtics bigs. Boston can blame this one on missed shots and silly turnovers. Paul Pierce has been silent as has Ray Allen.

End of third quarter, Bulls 71-60: The Celtics were close but slipped in the last four minutes and now have to make up their biggest deficit of the game. Derrick Rose hit a pivotal 3-pointer in the final 24 seconds and has 23 points while Luol Deng has 16. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett each have 10 as the Celtics are shooting 40 percent.

Third quarter, 3:35, Bulls 60-56: Celtics are just hanging around despite shooting 41 percent and missing six of seven 3-pointers. Rajon Rondo is being a exposed a bit for his lack of shooting prowess. He is 3 of 9 from the field with 7 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists. Good news is the Celtics have no foul trouble, only been called for five all game.


Third quarter, 6:57, Bulls 56-49: Celtics score the first six points of the quarter and the Bulls respond with an 8-0 run. The game changed when Rajon Rondo missed a breakaway layup and then had his putback blocked and the Celtics got nothing out of the possession. Luol Deng has four points in the Chicago run.

Halftime, Bulls 48-43: Celtics outscore Bulls 25-22 in the quarter and the game could be closer if they had made some more layups. Jermaine O’Neal was the latest culprit by missing a chip shot in the final minute of the half. Derrick Rose has been magnificent with 16 points on 6-for-10 shooting while Carlos Boozer has four points and eight rebounds. Kevin Garnett has 10 points while Jeff Green has eight.

Second quarter, 2:34, Bulls 44-37: Celtics are playing good defense but Derrick Rose is taking his game to a level no one can reach. He has 16 points and is lapping Rajon Rondo in this matchup. The Celtics are hanging close with defense but are missing too many easy shots. Ray Allen just missed a layup that led to a Luol Deng 3-pointer for a 5-point switch.

Second quarter, 5:13, Bulls 37-33: The bench got the Celtics back into the game but Derrick Rose comes back in and immediately hits two shots. The Celtics have to do something to contain him because he has 14 points in 13 minutes. No other Bull has more than six. Jeff Green has eight for the Celtics.

Second quarter, 7:59, Bulls 33-24: Celtics are shooting 33 percent since a hot start, partly because of missing easy shots and partly because of a stifling Chicago defense. Celtics have been solid except stopping Derrick Rose, who has 10 points and has yet to play in the second quarter.


End of first quarter, Bulls 26-18: Celtics shoot 8 for 19 in the first period but it looks worse since they made their first four shots. Derrick Rose is going to be a problem. He has 10 points and three assists and just made a beautiful off-balance, leaning layup that invigorated the Chicago crowd. Rajon Rondo missed all of his three shots and has four assists.

First quarter, 2:49, Bulls 17-12: It’s not that the Celtics are getting stopped as much as they are missing easy shots. After starting 4 of 4, Boston is 2 of 11, including a missed layup by Jeff Green and two missed 3-pointers by Paul Pierce. Keith Bogans has hurt the Celtics with two 3-pointers while Derrick Rose has five points and two assists.

First quarter, 6:34, Bulls 11-8: Celtics have missed five straight shots while the Bulls are warming up. Derrick Rose has two points on a driving layup while Paul Pierce has missed three of four shots.

First quarter, 11:00, Tied at 2: Luol Deng and Paul Pierce have traded points as the Celtics try to get off to a good start in Chicago.

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