Allen’s execution is, as usual, on the mark

If Ray Allen’s 3-pointer with 11 seconds left in tonight’s game to give the Celtics the lead looked familiar, it’s because it was.

Allen came out to the top of the key to set a screen for the dribbling Paul Pierce, then got a screen from Kevin Garnett and curled to the corner for an open look at a three. As tends to happen with Ray Allen and big shots late in games, the ball went in.

“We’ve ran that play many times, in many situations,” said Allen. Sometimes the shot goes in, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes Paul has the ball in his hands. There are so many different options off that play.


“If I can think about every shot that I’ve hit to win a game in a Celtics uniform, Paul’s probably the guy that’s passed it to me.”

Allen took 15 shots tonight and made nine of them. The Celtics would do well to get Allen free for more looks, though the Celtics shooting guard said he wasn’t concerned about that.

“I wasn’t worried about it,” said Allen. “Offensively, we have so many great weapons out on the floor…for the most part I wasn’t worried about shooting the ball. You guys have been asking me for a couple of weeks about shooting the ball. It’s all about rhythm. We’re our own worst enemies if we don’t move the ball around.”

True, the Celtics need ball movement. But they also need more ball movement that ends in Allen’s hands. Someone’s got to take the shots, and the Celtics are much better off when Allen is the guy taking them.

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