Arroyo, Bradley, Shaq inactive for Celtics

Carlos Arroyo, Avery Bradley, and Shaquille O’Neal are inactive for the Celtics tonight. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said his team was not taken aback by the news on O’Neal yesterday.

“No we’re fine,” said Rivers. “We’re ready to go.”

Rivers said Shaq has not been ruled out Tuesday. He will practice tomorrow and the Celtics will provide another update on his status after that.

Rivers keyed in on several key areas against the Knicks.

“Our numbers are better than last year, but we have had some bad 4th quarters defensively,” said Rivers. “It’s a new year and we have to be better … The 3-point line. That’s important as well. And then our pace of play. We have to play at a great pace. When we play at a pace I think we’re a better basketball team as well. That’s especially important for Rondo. Other guys have to run with him. We have to start our offense before 10 seconds.”

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