Wrapping up Game 1

MIAMI — Celtics coach Doc Rivers had the quote of the night tonight in reference to allowing Miami guard James Jones to score 25 points off the bench.

“Their Big Three today was James Jones, LeBron, and Wade,” said Rivers. “A lot of that was us.”

Rivers suggested that the Celtics had a big part in allowing Jones to score. That may be true. But Jones still had to make the shots, and someone else wasn’t shooting for the Heat so that Jones could get his.

The Celtics will get their chance to even the series Tuesday. Despite the “severity” of the loss, they’re down 1-0 to a team who played a game at home. Win Tuesday, and the Celtics will gain homecourt advantage in the series. Lose, and the Celtics will once again be searching for answers.


One important stat to note: The Celtics are 7-0 in series in the New Big Three era when they win Game 1, and 2-2 when they don’t. The end result of this series will put them above or below .500 in that category.

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