Celtics need to channel their emotions

WALTHAM — This Celtics team will never be accused of not caring. In fact, one of the issues the Celtics had in the first two games against the Heat is that players may have cared too much on a possession-by-possession level. TNT’s cameras caught several discussions between Celtics players during Tuesday’s game that appeared to be heated.

Celtics guard Ray Allen said that’s nothing new for this group of players.

“If I had a tape recorder on me or a video camera on me over the time that I’ve been here, you’ll see a lot,” said Allen. “I always said about this team that we’ve argued and debated more than I’ve argued and debated in my whole NBA career.


“I’ve been on losing teams where you never communicate, you never argue about anything. This team, somebody will tell me that I didn’t have pancakes for breakfast this morning. And they didn’t have breakfast with me. And I’m going to argue with them because somebody thinks that they’re right or wrong.”

Allen said that Celtics players tend to argue with each other over defensive possessions. He said he fully expects discussions like this to happen again during Saturday’s game, because in the heat of the moment, they always do.

“This is all about who we are,” said Allen. “Each man on this team, guys are so competitive. But you’ve got to go together and play with each other.”

Celtics coach Doc Rivers agreed that you can’t avoid guys getting intense with each other during a game. He just wants to limit those moments so his team can be productive.

“I talk about it with our team,” said Rivers. “I call them ’emotional hijacks’. They can’t happen. And they happen when you’re down or in the heat of battle, because it’s an emotional game. But once you let it get to a point where it hijacks the team, that’s not good.”


— Allen showed reporters a large bruise on his chest, an injury he suffered after fouling LeBron James late in Game 2. Allen said his chest would not improve before Saturday, but when asked if the injury would effect his shooting, he said, “Nothing effects my shooting.”

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