Rivers: Celtics need to ‘play with force’

WALTHAM — Celtics coach Doc Rivers is happy with the way his team got to the basket in Game 2 against the Heat. In fact, Rivers said the Celtics have had more than 35 misses inside the charge circle in the first two games of this series. But he’s distressed at the lack of free throws his team is getting, and he’s not blaming the officials.

“We also have gotten [to the rim] and gone away from the contact to try to finish the basket instead of going through,” said Rivers. “I think we all saw that. We did drive. But we drove and tried to make some crazy shot instead of going through bodies.


“It’s a matter of driving with force and playing with force. It’s not just the word hustle. I think it’s a lot deeper than that.”

Rivers also said he showed the team 50 clips from Game 2 before stopping the tape, then asked his team what he thought the score was at that point in the game. It was 80-80.

“If I hadn’t put a score on it, you would have thought we had to be down by 30 at that point,” said Rivers. “And we’re still tied. Having said all that, it still doesn’t mean Game 3 is easy if we do it right. You can’t just hope that because you haven’t played well, and now you play well, things will work out for you. [The Heat] have great confidence, and we gave that to them.”

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