Garnett: ‘We’ve used all our lifelines’

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Kevin Garnett said the Celtics are down to an all-in mentality after dropping the first two games of their second-round series with the Miami Heat.

WALTHAM — With the Celtics in a two-games-to-none hole to the Miami Heat, the urgency for Saturday’s Game 3 is obvious. The desperation of the moment was evident in Kevin Garnett’s tone before practice this morning.

The whole thing’s a challenge. No one said getting there was going to be easy. No one said it was going to be a simple process. We understand that. I think our mentality is an all-in mentality for tomorrow’s game. We’ve always been able to say ‘one game at a time’ and that hasn’t changed.

The urgency is there. This is it. We’ve used all our lifelines. I hate to say it like that, but it’s true. This is not a cool, kind of, keep your composure. No, this is we’ve got to get the next game.

It’s all-in. This is it, I’ve got two pocket kings and I’m all in.

Garnett is averaging 11 points and seven rebounds through the first two games,. Looking to be more aggressive, Garnett took 20 shots in Game 2, but still struggled, missing shots around the rim. Coach Doc Rivers said he wanted Garnett to be just as assertive offensively on Saturday, expecting the results to be different.


“Game 2 he got the shots I just thought he was a little too quick at it,” Rivers said. “He was rushing them. I liked the 20 attempts, I think we can do a better job of getting him a better 20 attempts, but I do think we have to keep that number. But we can get him better shots.”

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