Celtics-Heat Game 4 reaction

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Reaction from both locker rooms and the press conference podium (video above includes LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Doc Rivers and Ray Allen) following the Heat’s 98-90 overtime win over the Celtics in Game 4:

— Jeff Green on his team being down 3-1:

“I still believe. I still have all the confidence in the world in our team. I know that we can take it one game at a time and come back and win this series.”


— Glen Davis on his continued poor play (4 points, 0 rebounds)

“I have to find Glen. I don’t know where Glen is at. I have no idea who is playing right now.”

— Chris Bosh on pounding his chest after his tip-in shot near the end of the game:

“That kind of emotion I think is always needed, and it’s just how I felt at the time.”

— Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on Game 5 Wednesday:

“Wednesday will be our greatest challenge of this season. It will be the toughest thing we have to do up to this point is to put away a champion. We’ll have to play our very best with our best effort probably to win by one.”

— Doc Rivers on the decision to substitute for Rajon Rondo late in the game:

“I don’t know what the right call was. They clearly were trapping off of him and trapping him. … He struggled getting the ball to the guys in their right spot. I loved his defense for the most part. So, listen, we were struggling scoring at that point. We needed more scoring on the floor. The main reason we did it, and we actually did, we got Kevin two posts because you had all shooters on the floor, and we just came up empty on it.”


On being down 3-1 in the series and coming back to win:

“It’s going to be extremely hard, and if we’re not up for that then we’ll lose. But if we’re up for that, I think we can win three games. But we have to play great basketball. Two of them are on the road; one’s at home. And we’ve just got to look at them one game at a time. For me and the staff and the players it’s more for tomorrow and the next day. Right now they’re hurting I’m sure, and let them hurt. We’ll rebuild tomorrow.”

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