Rajon Rondo active for Celtics

Rajon Rondo will start for the Celtics at point guard tonight against the Miami Heat in Game 4. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he didn’t know what to expect from Rondo.

“I really don’t know, honestly,” said Rivers. “He looked OK this morning. We’ve just got to wait and see. Very similar to the Shaq thing where you’ve just got to look with your eyes and make a decision. That’ll be the same with Rondo. I think he’ll be OK, though. I really do.”

Rondo will wear a protective brace on his left elbow that will limit his mobility but help prevent another dislocation.


“He still has legs, and he still has speed,” said Rivers. “He’s just got to stay and play the game with the same force he played with the other night. His force and his ball pressure is very, very important to us. If he can’t play with his speed then he’s not going to be very effective.

“I think it’ll be obvious for all of us if he just can’t play.”

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