Glen Davis weighs future with Celtics

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Jim Davis / Globe Staff

Between the lockout and free agency, Glen Davis has a lot on his mind this summer.

At some point, whenever the players and owners settle on a new collective bargaining agreement, Glen Davis will be a free agent this summer. The Celtics will have to decide how much they’re willing to shell out to bring him back. Davis will have to decide if he thinks he can do better elsewhere. He’s been in Boston his entire four-year career, he’s had ups (game-winning shots in the postseason) and downs (late-night brawls with best friends in his car), but there’s value in a 25-year old with a championship ring, a knack for making big shots and a willingness to take charges as well.


So what does Glen Davis want? Let Glen Davis tell you.

“I just want to make sure I’m Glen Davis wherever I’m at,” he said. “I think I can be Glen Davis wherever. It just depends on the system, the people around the system, who’s going to let Glen Davis be Glen Davis not make Glen Davis something they think he should be.”

He was in Medford this afternoon for the Celtics and RE/MAx’s “Homecourt Makeover.” On the possibility of not returning to the team next season, Davis said:

It has crossed my mind. Everybody knows the situation with the Celtics and what they have, and everybody knows my situation. So, people have their opinions of what they think I should have or what they think I shouldn’t be overpaid or not paid at all. But I know how I feel about myself and my game and it doesn’t matter what whoever says, whatever they say. It’s about my play.

Davis said he met with Danny Ainge once after the season ended. He’s heard some of the things coach Doc Rivers has said about him since. During an appearance on WEEI, Rivers said, “I thought it was more in between his ears than his play. I thought the whole contract thing affected his play. I thought he had the wrong focus at times because of that. I think when you stray away from just being a team player and being the role that you’re given, I think you struggle. I think all players do. And I thought Baby did that.” He added that although he wanted Davis back, it would have to be for “the right price” and that he didn’t want to “overpay.”


Davis said, “I don’t try to pay attention. I know Doc talks a lot. I don’t pay attention to that. That’s what he does. That’s Doc. He loves to talk. Danny, he’s doing what he does. He’s concentrating on the NBA draft. He’s not concentrating on [me] because he doesn’t need to concentrate on me right now. I don’t really stay in touch with those guys. I’ve seen Danny once and everything was great.”

Dealing with being a free agent with a potential lockout looming:
You don’t know. You don’t like that feeling but at the same time you’ve just got to wait it out. It’s not under my control, it’s the NBA’s control about getting a deal done and things like that. So, I’m just waiting.
How he’ll go about improving himself this summer:
This summer’s a different summer for me as far as just growing fully, peaking to where I truly need to be as far as a person and my game as a player. So mentally, I’ve been exercising my mind mentally because of what’s about to happen. I think this year, I’ve always said I needed to work on some part of my game, but this year was a year where mentally, I was not there mentally. My body was there, I wasn’t there mentally. You’ve got to work on every part. The mental game is the most important part to me. If you can’t focus in on what you need to do and don’t let other things distract you, then you can’t be the player that you need to be.
How much his poor playoff run weighed on him:
It bothered me a lot because I pride myself on playing good basketball, especially when you need it. Every postseason, I’ve played tremendously good, to the point it was like, ‘Wow.’ And this summer it didn’t happen because I felt mentally, I wasn’t ready and prepared enough for what was in front of me. I didn’t prepare for it well mentally, and it affected the way I played. That’s what I’ve been doing this offseason, just concentrating on that, making sure a postseason like that won’t ever happen to me ever again.

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