Jeff Green keeping busy

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A restricted free agent, Jeff Green is in limbo like everyone else, waiting for players and owners to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

As the good friend Michael Lee from the Washington Post points out, Jeff Green’s not exactly in the most comfortable spot. He’s a restricted free agent in a lockout year (the Celtics picked up his $5.9 million qualifying offer before the collective bargaining agreement expired), so he’s been twiddling his thumbs this summer instead of working on a new deal. He’s been playing ball to keep busy (he’s insured, he tells Lee, so he’s not worried about injury). But he’s waiting, like everyone else, for the players and owners to reach an agreement.

From the Post:

“I’ve dealt with it the best I can,” Green said in a phone interview. “I’ve tried to keep myself busy. I’m still trying to stay in the loop with things going on, but not letting it get to me. It’s tough to be in that position, to possibly be sitting out. But you just have to do what you have to do to make things happen and if it doesn’t, try to do things to take your mind off it and continue to work until you’re called back to work.”


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