NBA players respond to canceled games


Several NBA players took time to Tweet their thoughts on the continuation of the NBA lockout following David Stern’s announcement Monday night that the first two weeks of the NBA season have been canceled.

Players have been proactive in the public relations department in the last couple of days, tweeting, as Glen Davis did earlier today, “Let us play!!!!”

Other players got further into the heart of the issues and tried to bridge the gap between a dispute among fairly well off players and owners and the general population. Charlotte’s Matt Carroll wrote, “All the NBA arena employees, businesses and people who are being negatively affected by this #lockout, I’m sorry you have to deal with this!”


Hornets forward David West wrote, “We r Not on a workers strike…The owners made the decision to lockout its players.”

Said Carmelo Anthony, “I just wanna apologize to all the fans for this lockout. Trust me, I feel y’all pain. This [expletive] sucks.

Celtics captain Paul Pierce (above, right) did not comment on the labor issues on his Twitter account, which he updates fairly frequently. Pierce was among about two dozen NBA players involved in labor talks last week.

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