Rondo charity game updates from Harvard


Final: That’s your ballgame. Kendrick Perkins’s and Rajon Rondo’s Green team wins 145-142. Click here for photos from the game. Video will be posted later tonight.

5:03 3d quarter: Jeff Green just hit a 3-pointer from 30 feet to get the White team within one.

7:17 3d quarter: Rudy Gay is a phenomenal offensive talent. Almost makes up for Kevin Durant’s absence tonight. Man, I miss the NBA.

END 3d quarter: We’re tied at 112 heading into the fourth quarter. Jeff Green and Kendrick Perkins have, in my eyes, been the best two players on the court so far tonight. Granted there hasn’t been any defense, but Perk clearly felt he had something to prove from the jump. Seeing that probably inspired Green to do his best, and his best is pretty darn impressive.


3:44 3d quarter: The white team is up over 100 now and leads 103-95. Nate Robinson has found his stroke. In other news, he shoots a lot. All the former Celtics are shooting a ton tonight, with Powe and Perkins hoisting up jumpers like they’re being paid per diem.

9:23 3d quarter: The score is magically tied at 73 to start the third quarter. Look for more Paul Pierce this half.

END 2d quarter: Some in the crowd started chanting “Defense”. Must be hockey fans. It’s 73-50 Green team at halftime, and Perkins must have at least 20 points.

Some other thoughts: The players are really making an effort to connect with fans throughout the game, throwing towels and gifts into the intimate crowd. At halftime, six fans were selected to play a game of cornhole with six of the player. From a PR perspective, it’s bound to work. Of course, the people here are already siding with the players, anyway.

5:00 2d quarter: Pierce has decided to sit out the second quarter and sit in the stands instead, posing for photos with some kids.

END 1st quarter: The white team makes an amazing comeback and trails Green, 29-26. Of course, these things tend to be miraculously close at the end.



Rondo was built to play in these games. He’s pulled out some passes that would make Aaron Rodgers jealous, including a beautiful bounce pass off the floor and behind his back that Rudy Gay caught and dunked.

Another highlight: Pierce blocking Perkins and Perk chirping to the ref about the lack of a foul call. In a charity game.

5:19 1st quarter: A couple of revelations. The white team stinks without Paul Pierce, who is changing and will play shortly. Kendrick Perkins looks ripped and is playing point guard. And Rajon Rondo likes playing with his old friend and teammate.

9:23 1st quarter: Leon Powe starts the game off with a three. Just the way they drew it up.


Update (6:18 p.m.) : Still no Paul Pierce. Not sure if he’s late or a no-show.

Update (6:09 p.m.):
We’re a little later starting here as players and fans file in. Mayor Menino is in the house, as is Deion Branch. Rajon Rondo is out on the court now, as well as Rudy Gay. Kevin Durant pulled out of the event yesterday.

We’re about 16 minutes from tip-off here. Leon Powe is the first player on the court, to a huge ovation from the crowd. Powe’s wearing a “Basketball Never Stops” shirt endorsed by some company with a big orange swoosh.

Kendrick Perkins just walked onto the court to a standing ovation. So much love for Perk here still, and why not? Both he and Powe can’t get any more likable in a lunch-pail-toting, rebound-getting kind of way.


Members of the Harvard women’s basketball team are playing the roles of ball girls during warmups.

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