Rondo: ‘Right now I think we’re united’

Celtics guard Rajon Rondo was the host of tonight’s charity game featuring NBA players at Harvard University. While the evening provided a fun distraction, Rondo did address the issue on everyone’s minds — the current NBA lockout — with members of the media after the game.

Rondo was asked if he had a hand in the players rejecting the latest offer by the league.

“I had a pinky I think involved,” said Rondo, who was in New York as the Celtics’ player representative for a union meeting. “Me personally, I didn’t think it was a fair deal, but I can’t get into that.”


Rondo and the other players involved tonight were clearing fighting the PR battle by holding tonight’s game. But Rondo cautioned against reading too much into all of the noise.

“Everybody’s itching to play basketball, even both sides,” Rondo said. “The owners want to see us out there playing, and the players want to be out their playing. So hopefully we can come to some kind of agreement before the entire season … it’s too late.”

“Unless you’re in the meeting, you hear different things. The people that are in the meeting, they know what’s going on. Tonight was excellent. It was a great turnout. It means a lot that the guys showed up … Right now I think we’re united. These type of games are going to help us.”

One player who was probably helped by the exposure in tonight’s game was former Harvard guard Jeremy Lin. Lin averaged almost 10 minutes per game during his rookie season for Golden State.

“As you can see this place was packed and for a great cause,” Lin said. “That’s the most important thing. I’m just thankful to be a part of it. Thankful for Rondo to invite me.


“This is a tough situation. You can see guys wanna play. So it’s frustrating, during the lockout. But all the players want to play as much as we can and organize these games, even though it gets a little sloppy, just to get together.”

Lin said he’s staying in shape by doing strength and conditioning workouts with a personal trainer. He admitted he’s now considering playing overseas.

“It’s something my agent’s looking into,” Lin said. “We haven’t finalized anything, nothing’s for sure. Right now everyone’s just talking. There’s definitely some things that I’m looking at in terms of where to go and if it makes sense at this time.”

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