Jeff Green expects to be cleared soon

WALTHAM — Jeff Green was in uniform this morning at the team’s practice facility, and he said he expects to be cleared to practice with his teammates either today or tomorrow following a delay because of an undisclosed medical issue.

Green disclosed further information about the issue today.

“I guess it was because I was kind of fatigued because I had a late day Thursday trying to get everything done and come in here,” said Green. “I didn’t sleep, my flight got delayed four hours. Got in here and had to do a physical, stress test. I think it was just fatigue.”


Green said the issue was not heart-related.

The Celtics hope to get more from Green this year than the 9.8 points and 3.3 rebounds they got from him in 26 regular-season games last season. Green talked a lot today about getting a fresh start and being with the Celtics from the start of the season.

“I came in here in a tough situation last year,” said Green. “I wasn’t comfortable in my spot. It was tough to transition from doing what I was doing in Oklahoma to come in here and try to find my spot somewhere where I can score the ball.

“After having a conversation with Doc [Rivers] and just knowing my role a little better, I’m a lot more comfortable. I’m ready to get started.”

Rivers said it was important to get Green right before the start of the season.

“He’s so versatile, can play the three and the four,” said Rivers. “Some of the stuff we’re doing offensively we can go with crazy lineups, because when [Rajon] Rondo’s off the floor we can literally put anybody at that position and still run our stuff.”

Green’s return would also solve another key issue for Rivers: having enough players to get a full practice in.

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