Final: Raptors 86, Celtics 74

Final, Raptors 86-74: If this was a trap game, the Celtics are Saturday night dinner for the Raptors because this was an embarrasing performance. Doc Rivers took nearly 30 minutes following the game to address the media and challenged his team’s mental toughness, calling the effort “Unceltic.”

Fourth quarter, 1:38, Raptors 84-72: A trap game was right. The Celtics have been playing with cement in their shoes all night and will pay dearly with a loss. Jose Calderon has shunked in his matchup with Rajon Rondo, scoring 17 points with 13 assists.

Fourth quarter, 6:01, Raptors 75-63: The effort is now there but it may be too late. The Celtics are trying hard to make a run but Toronto keeps responding with big baskets. Linas Kleiza has hit two 3-pointers in the quarter while the Celtics have no answer for the athleticism of DeMar DeRozan.


End of third quarter, Raptors 63-51: The Celtics show a little life at the end of the quarter, but it’s going to take quite a run to steal this one. They just don’t have any energy tonight, obviously still reeling from the loss to the Lakers. Doc Rivers has used his whole bench, looking for a spark.

Third quarter, 2:56, Raptors 63-47: It’s one of those nights here in Toronto. The Celtics have nothing left, it seems. James Johnson is driving around Paul Pierce for easy dunks, Jose Calderon can’t miss and Aaron Gray has 11 rebounds in 18 minutes. Pierce just became the first Celtic to break double figures in scoring in what has been a miserable performance.

Third quarter, 5:22, Raptors 57-43: After a surge in the second quarter, it appears the Celtics are tired. Toronto is on a 10-2 run and the Celtics are just going through the motion. DeMar DeRozan has 17 points while James Johnson has 12 points. Three players have 8 points for Boston.

Halftime, Raptors 41-34: Celtics end the half on a 6-2 run but they are playing some ugly basketball, especially Rajon Rondo, who has 0 points, 2 assists, 5 turnovers and a minus-11 rating. Paul Pierce leads the Celtics with 8 points while DeMar DeRozan has 13 for the Raptors, who are shootign 38.5 percent.


Second quarter, 2:12, Raptors 39-28: The Raptors are giving the Celtics all types of chances to come back there but they are simply inept offensively. They have 12 turnovers and are shooting 35.7 percent. No player has more than 6 points and Rajon Rondo has one assist in 15 minutes.

Second quarter, 7:19, Raptors 30-22: Avery Bradley, who wasn’t expected to play because of a sore right shoulder, is in the game for a pouting Rajon Rondo. Mickael Pietrus has 5 points for the Celtics.

End of first quarter, Raptors 26-14: A terrible (Charles Barkley voice) first quarter for the Celtics, who are lucky to trail by just 12. Mickael Pietrus made it respectable with a 3-pointer with 0.9 secodns left and he is second on the team in scoring with that 3 points. The Celtics were 4-for-13 shooting with six turnovers.

First quarter, 4:47, Raptors 16-7: As expected the Celtics are playing like they are hungover from last night’s loss to the Lakers. They are 2-for-6 shooting with four turnovers, three by Rajon Rondo. The Raptors have attempted 10 more shots and are playing with energy. This will be a difficult game.

First quarter, 6:05, Raptors 12-4: The Celtics are off to a slow start with two turnovers and 1-for-5 shooting. They are also slow defensively, allowing some easy layups. The Raptors have attempted 14 shots and the Celtics just 5.

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