Rondo silent after big game vs. Bulls

Celtics guard Rajon Rondo chose to avoid the media after putting up 32 points, 10 rebounds, and 15 assists in 40 minutes vs. the Bulls Sunday afternoon. Rondo’s done the same thing in the past after big games, choosing to let his play do the talking. It’s a tactic that doesn’t endear him to reporters waiting over an hour to speak to him, but it’s also one that probably doesn’t irk fans either way.

Rondo has plenty of reasons to be motivated lately, including an All-Star snub and a matchup vs. the Bulls today that was supposed to feature Derrick Rose, one of the few point guards in the league who is clearly Rondo’s superior.


After the game, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was asked if Rondo was trying to prove a point.

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Rivers. ” I’m going to let you guys be that deep. I wish I could get in someone’s head that deep. I just think he wanted to win.”

Rondo has had big games in big moments for the Celtics in the past, and this one probably quiets any momentum there might be among the fan base to trade the young point guard (not that Danny Ainge is basing his decisions on such things). Paul Pierce said he liked the Rondo he saw tonight.

“When he’s assertive, aggressive, the way he plays, the way he played tonight, we’re a tough team to stop,” said Pierce. “When he’s out in transition, pushing the ball, taking the shots right there, the mid range, rebounding, just he’s all energy. He’s one of those guys when he plays with a lot of energy, he’s so tough ‘cause he can rebound the ball well, when he pushes off the break he’s tough to stop in transition. He just did it all tonight. He was great to watch.”

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