Final: Bulls 89, Celtics 80

Final: Bulls 89-80: The game was tied at 69 with 8:29 left but the Bulls sealed the game with a 12-0 run as the Celtics once again couldn’t score when they needed to. Kevin Garnett led the Celtics with 18 points and Rajon Rondo had 17 on 7-for-17 shooting. Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer each scored 23 for Chicago.

Fourth quarter, 47.0, Bulls 87-78: Celtics are about done after Luol Deng’s sixth 3-pointer of the game. He is 1 for 6 on two-pointers and 6 for 9 on 3-pointers. The Celtics have lapsed on defense all night.

Fourth quarter, 6:31, Bulls 77-69: A series of bad breaks have put the Celtics in a hole. Taj Gibson caught a tipped pass near the basket for a layup and Luol Deng took a desperation 3-pointer for another hoop. The Celtics need a run now.


Fourth quarter, 8:42, Bulls 69-67: The Celtics haven’t contained the Bulls from the 3-point line and that is the difference. Chicago is 8 for 18 from the 3-point line, four of those by Luol Deng and one by Mike James, who is here on a 10-day contract. The Celtics are 3 for 11 from the 3-point line, 0 for 3 by Mickael Pietrus.

End of third quarter, Bulls 60-59: Well, the Celtics at least keep you interested. After falling behind 53-37, they end the quarter on a 22-7 run as Ray Allen suddenly has returned to form with three 3-pointers during the run. Kevin Garnett had a chance to give the Celtics the lead but missed a streaking dunk.

Third quarter, 3:55, Bulls 56-51: Celtics are slowly making this game interesting as the offense has suddenly reappeared after taking the second quarter off. Ray Allen just drained his first 3-pointer since the last meeting with Chicago, He now has 4 points while Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo lead Boston with 12.

Third quarter, 5:51, Bulls 54-45: There is too much time left to relent, so the Celtics respond with an 8-2 run to climb back to within single digits. Paul Pierce has been more aggressive but Ray Allen is 0-for-6 shooting with 1 points. Kevin Garnett has 12 points and eight rebounds.


Third quarter, 9:58, Bulls 51-35: It’s gone from bad to worse for the Celtics, who now have scored 2 points in the past 7:14. That’s pretty hard to do. Meanwhile, the Bulls have gotten over their shooting troubles and are scoring at will. Four players in double figures.

Halftime, Bulls 44-35: Celtics were in good shape at the 5:12 mark, leading 33-29 but then they were flat awful. The scored one field goal the rest fo the period as the Bulls went on a 13-0 run to take control. Now the Celtics are in real trouble. They were 3-for-15 shooting in the quarter.

Second quarter, 5:26, Celtics 31-26: The Bulls are playing way below their usual level and the Celtics aren’t taking advantage like they should. The Bulls are shooting 30 percent and have committed eight turnovers. Their backcourt of C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer are a combined 1-for-9 shooting, but the Celtics are shooting 41.9 percent and their offense has been stagnant in the second quarter.

Second quarter, 8:26, Celtics 24-22: A very physical game where the officials are letting them play. The Bulls are close despite shooting 25.9 percent but that’s because they already have a whopping eight offensive rebounds. The Celtics are playing good defense but they can’t defend successfully for more than 24 seconds.

End of first quarter, Celtics 24-18: Boston led most of the period and Rajon Rondo is on another scoring surge with 8 points on 4-for-8 shooting. Paul Pierce has 6 points while Kevin Garnett has 4 points and three rebounds. Carlos Boozer leads Chicago with 7 points. The Bulls are shooting 31.6 percent.


First quarter, 5:54, Celtics 12-11: A Rajon Rondo basket does not count and the Celtics have a 1-poin t lead after a 5-0 Bulls’ run. Paul Pierce has 6 points while the Bulls have hit two early 3-pointers to stay close.

First quarter, 8:37, Celtics 10-6: Paul Pierce apparently won’t have an issue with shot attempts tonight. He is 3 for 4 from the field and Kevin Garnett added a bucket as the Celtics are off to a solid start.

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