Final: Celtics 86, Pacers 72

Final, Celtics 86-72: The Celtics were impressive in closing out this game as the Pacers cut the lead to 7 with nine minutes left. Paul Pierce scored 24 points byt Ray Allen added 19 points off the bench in 33 minutes and he took a team-high 18 shots. Kevin Garnett warmed up and scored 13 of his 15 points after halftime.

Fourth quarter, 1:40, Celtics 81-67: The Big Three has stepped up big in this game as Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have scored all but 2 points in the quarter as the Celtics look to ice a big road win.

Fourth quarter, 5:37, Celtics 72-62: Nobody said this would be easy and the Pacers are pushing hard but the Celtics have found answers so far. The Celtics are shooting just 40.9 percent with 16 turnovers but they are playing very hard, much to Doc Rivers’ liking. Paul Pierce has 20 points for the Celtics.


Fourth quarter, 8:06, Celtics 65-56: The Celtics are playing some ugly offensive basketball but they are playing stellar defense. They are getting the short end of some strange foul calls and non calls and Doc Rivers is close to a technical. But Kevin Garnett has decided to get his offensive game together and the Celtics are leaning on him down the stretch. He has scored Boston’s last 6 points.

End of third quarter, Celtics 59-51: The Pacers are being sparked by former Toronto Raptor Leandro Barbosa, who scored 5 points during an 11-2 run that cut the deficit to 57-51. The Celtics’ offense has stalled with no field goals in the final 5:17 of the period. They were 5-for-17 shooting in the quarter.

Third quarter, 2:14, Celtics 55-46: Indiana is on a really ugly 6-0 run over the last 2 minutes as the Celtics are beginning to complain too much to officials. They haven’t scored in more than three minutes and continue to allow the Pacers stay close.

Third quarter, 6:24, Celtics 50-37: Indiana cut the lead to 8 briefly with two Danny Granger free throws but the Celtics have responded by scoring 7 of the next 9 points, including a jumper from Kevin Garnett, who has struggled from the field. The Pacers are shooting 29.5 percent and look completely lethargic after a big win Friday over Oklahoma City but they remain within striking distance.


Halftime, Celtics 43-33: The Pacers went 3-for-19 in the quarter and didn’t score for the first 6:51 but the Celtics couldn’t fully capitalize because they went 6-for-20. Also, the Pacers began getting to the free throw line. They attempted 10 free throws in the quarter, all in the last 3:42.

Second quarter, 25.0, Celtics 43-33: The Pacers have come alive, sort of. They are getting to the free throw line. They are still 3-for-18 shooting in the quarter but have scored 8 of their 14 points in the quarter from the free throw line.

Second quarter, 6:06, Celtics 34-19: The Celtics’ defense has been stellar as the Pacers have yet to score in the second quarter, going 0 of 9 with two turnovers. Ray Allen already has 7 points off the bench.

Second quarter, 7:46, Celtics 28-19: The Pacers have yet to score in the quarter, missing their first eight shots, but the Celtics have only responded with two buckets. The bench has come through significantly with a combined 15 points, including 6 from Greg Stiemsma.

End of first quarter, Celtics 24-19: A solid stretch for the Celtics, who ended the quarter on an 11-4 run thanks to 5 points from Sasha Pavlovic, who canned a 16-footer at the buzzer. Greg Stiemsma has 6 points for the Celtics while Roy Hibbert has 6 for Indiana.

First quarter, 6:05, Celtics 11-8: The Celtics already have three turnovers and could be off to a stronger start if they took care of the ball. They started strong against the Bulls also, the key is maintaining it. Paul Pierce has 5 points.

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