Final: Celtics 94, Bobcats 82

Final: Celtics 94-82: The Celtics win ugly, pulling away with a 16-8 run to end the game after Charlotte sliced the lead to 8 with 6:55 left. Rajon Rondo played 43 minutes and collected 20 points and 16 assists while Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley each tallied 22 points. Gerald Henderson led the Bobcats with 22 points while Derrick Brown added 15.

Fourth quarter, 2:30, Celtics 88-76: A 10-2 run has essentially sealed this game and all the Celtics need to do now is stay healthy and get out of Charlotte. Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley each have 22 points while Rajon Rondo has 20 points and 15 assists in 41 minutes. Sasha Pavlovic has seven rebounds in 16 minutes as the Celtics are winning the rebounding battle.


Fourth quarter, 5:29, Celtics 81-74: Avery Bradley has 22 points and just canned a big 3-pointer to extend the lead back to 7. Rajon Rondo needs four rebounds for a triple double. Brandon Bass has 20 points on 8-for-18 shooting and seven rebounds. Gerald Henderson has 16 points for Charlotte.

End of third quarter, Celtics 73-67: The Bobcats remain within striking distance because the Celtics are missing shots and making silly defensive mistakes. But Brandon Bass has been sparkling with 20 points and six rebounds while Rajon Rondo has played 32 minutes already and has 16 points and 13 assists.

Third quarter, 2:38, Celtics 69-63: The Celtics are playing decently without the Big Three but they keep fouling and sending the Bobcats to the free throw line.

Third quarter, 5:51, Celtics 64-57: The Celtics are a strong run from putting this one on ice but they can’t seem to put together consistent offensive possessions. Greg Stiemsma had no fouls in the first half and four in the first 6:09 of the third quarter.

Halftime, Celtics 52-49: The Bobcats score the last 6 points of the half and are making it interesting after the Celtics led by as many as 12. Rajon Rondo played all 24 minutes of the first half and collected 16 points with 11 assists, his 21st consecutive game with at least 10 assists. Brandon Bass has 11 points and Avery Bradley has 9. Gerald Henderson has 12 for Charlotte and DJ White has 10.


Second quarter, 2:45, Celtics 48-41: The Celtics are keeping the Bobcats close with their mistakes and missed shots but they have played well overall without the Big Three. Rajon Rondo is one assist from a double-double with 16 points and nine assists while Brandon Bass has 11 points and five rebounds.

Second quarter, 7:17, Celtics 42-32: The Celtics aren’t exactly playing great ball, but they don’t need to against the Bobcats. The reserves are faring well but Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass have combined for 24 points as the Celtics are shooting 58.6 percent. Gerald Henderson and DJ White each have 8 for Charlotte.

End of first quarter, Celtics 34-23: Celtics end the quarter on a 24-8 run as Rajon Rondo is on triple-double watch with 12 points, 7 assists and 2 rebounds. Brandon Bass has 10 points as the Celtics shot 61.9 percent. Greg Stiemsma has three blocked shots in nine minutes.

First quarter, 5:08, Tied at 15: As expected, this game is ragged from the start with both teams just running the ball up the court and taking the first shot available. Greg Stiemsma already has three blocked shots, two on the same possession. DJ White has 6 points for Charlotte.

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