Rivers on Rondo suspension

ATLANTA — Celtic coach Doc Rivers was satisfied with the timeliness of the NBA’s decision to suspend Rajon Rondo for Tuesday night’s game of the first-round playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks.

“It is what it is, if you make contact they’re probably going to suspend you,” Rivers said of Rondo’s bump of official Marc Davis in Sunday’s game. “Obviously, they thought about it, one means they thought about zero, as well; or two, you can go either way. It’s over now, just move on.”

Rivers, speaking before the team shootaround at Philips Arena Tuesday morning, said Rondo remained with the team but did not participate in Monday’s practice.


“I wasn’t going to sit there and worry about it – it’s out of my hands,” Rivers said. “Those are the things, I’d rather watch a movie. Those are the ones I just let go because you have no control over it.

“I was happy they did it quickly, I thought that was great. It was quick for what it usually is. Usually they wait until the day of. Historically, it’s been after shootaround – you get back to the hotel and you find out the guy’s not playing. That was one of the things the guys were complaining (about). To me, the fact they did It – it was after practice – but at least it gave us time to prepare.”

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