Ray Allen says he may reconsider surgery

Celtics guard Ray Allen will come off the bench tonight against the Hawks, a positive sign that his ankle is on the mend after playing 37 minutes in Game 3 Friday night. Allen said his ankle felt sore after the game, and he said that he woke up feeling even worse on Saturday.

“I had to walk sideways,” said Allen. “I just felt tough and achy yesterday. I couldn’t do anything. It was throbbing. I got in and got treatment. Just all day I felt like I was holding my leg wrong. But I woke up this morning and was back where I wanted to be.”


Allen said he did not have to have a cortisone shot in his ankle, and he said that he felt so good Sunday he might reconsider offseason surgery. Allen had previously said he was going to have the bone spurs in his ankle removed after the season.

“I’m just thankful we didn’t have a back-to-back,” said Allen.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he will monitor Allen’s minutes tonight.


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