Doc Rivers on WEEI: ‘Maybe we weren’t a smart team last night’

Kevin Garnett scored 29 points in Game 1 vs. Philadelphia, but the Celtics didn’t get him touches until late in Game 2. After the game, Garnett answered a question about his lack of involvement by saying, “I don’t call the plays.”

Doc Rivers does call the plays, and he was asked about Garnett’s touches this morning on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan show.

“Maybe we weren’t a smart team last night or a well-coached team last night,” said Rivers. “It was obviously the game plan to go there. We were in transition a lot and never really got into our sets. That happens in games … they were trapping early, which made us want to move the ball. But not move away from Kevin, and I thought that’s what we did. I thought we overreacted to their traps.”


The other big topic of conversation this morning concerned Paul Pierce’s left knee. Pierce was clearly not himself last night, hitting 2 of 9 shots in 36 minutes. He looked unable to beat his man to the spot off the dribble like he usually does so well.

“He’s not hurting himself, I guess I’ll answer it that way,” Rivers said. “But he’s probably not healing either … Right now, we have a lot of guys that are banged up and we have to get through it. We didn’t play well last night and it had nothing to do with injuries.”

Game 3 is Wednesday in Philadelphia.

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