Doug Collins ready to stretch rotation against Celtics

PHILADELPHIA — Getting through the grind was the focus for both 76ers coach Doug Collins and Celtics coach Doc Rivers in their sessions with the media before the game. Both teams are banged up, but both teams list the usual players as active for Game 3. Collins stressed the importance of injured players not overexerting themselves or trying to do more than they can do.

“We can’t have anybody trying to pace themselves,” said Collins, who lists Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young as being banged up. “Every possession is too important. Both these games have come down to one point.”


Collins also stressed that he isn’t afraid to stretch his rotation.

“Anybody who thinks that I’m not going to play the guys that give me the best chance to win on any given night doesn’t know me very well,” Collins said. “If anybody thinks I don’t play younger players, we had Lavoy Allen on the floor guarding Kevin Garnett at the end of the game.”

Rivers said this morning he would try to get Paul Pierce the ball in different places. Pierce’s knee injury has limited his ability to get points off the dribble. Celtics guard Avery Bradley walked through the locker room before the game with Celtics team doctor Brian McKeon, a sign that Bradley’s shoulder injury will constantly be monitored.

— There was a funny moment at the end of the Collins press conference. Collins was asked about his experience as a television analyst, when he said he used to coach both teams while calling the games.

“I was undefeated,” said Collins. “I won an Emmy for that [stuff].”

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