Celtics-Sixers by the numbers

Interesting statistics, some advanced, some not, through three games:

— Kevin Garnett is 31 for 49 from the floor (63.3 percent) in three games. The Celtics have run 28.4 percent of their plays through Garnett, who has an offensive rating (ORtg) of 114 points per the team’s 100 possessions.

— The Celtics outscored Philadelphia 50-38 in the paint in Game 3. Garnett did not miss a shot (6 of 6) in the paint.

— The Celtics attempted 28 free throws in Game 3 after attempting 28 free throws combined in Games 1 and 2.

— The Sixers are 0-2 in the playoffs when teams shoot better than 60 percent against them. They were 0-8 in the regular season. The Celtics shot 51.9 percent in Game 3.


— Garnett had 27 points, 13 rebounds and four assists in Game 3. Only Charles Barkley and Karl Malone put up those numbers in a playoff game after turning 36.

— Rajon Rondo has assisted on 61.4 percent of his team’s field goals. Jrue Holiday has an assist percentage of 25.1 percent.

— Ray Allen is shooting 67 percent from the free throw line

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