Celtics, Sixers react to big game by Brandon Bass

Brandon Bass’s 27-point game was the talk of the players and coaches from both teams after Game 5. Bass scored 18 of his 27 points in the third quarter, but the Celtics forward was unaware of that stat during his postgame press conference.

“I didn’t even know that,” said Bass. “I’ve been working at it a long time. I’m just grateful it got to pay off.”


Bass is soft-spoken, and he admitted that it was the first time he’d had a game worthy of being invited to the podium. He had averaged 11.8 points in the first four games of this series.

“Brandon was phenomenal,” said Celtics center Greg Stiemsma. “The way he shoots the ball, the way he was aggressive tonight … We knew there were a few spots where he was going to get some looks. We never imagined the game he finished with tonight.”

Said Doc Rivers, “He didn’t try to do too much. He let the game come to him and trusted his teammates.”

Sixers coach Doug Collins might not have expected Bass to come up with such a big game, either, but the coach pinpointed what he thought his team’s problem was trying to stop Bass.

“They did a really good job with our coverages,” said Collins. “We were making a really conscious effort to keep Paul Pierce down. And he did a good job stringing us out and making some plays along that baseline. They were just quicker to the basket, Brandon was. He didn’t depend solely on his jump shot.”

In simpler terms, “Too many easy baskets. Too many dunks.”


Bass was asked if it was the best game of his career.

“I haven’t even thought about it yet,” said Bass. “I guess when we get that next win, I’ll think about it then.”

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