Avery Bradley out for Game 6

Celtics guard Avery Bradley is officially out for tonight’s game with a shoulder injury, according to coach Doc Rivers. Rivers said he could not offer further details about how long Bradley might be out.

“I think we’re going to just keep saying day to day, but I really don’t know,” said Rivers. “It’s a hard injury anyway with the shoulder involved.”

Rivers said guard Ray Allen is good to go, but he cautioned against expecting a speedy recovery for either player.

“Ray and Avery, they’re just not going to get better,” said Rivers. “So the rest makes no difference. You’ve just got to list them as day to day, whether they feel better or not. With Ray you’ve even got to monitor during the games.”


Allen’s injury has limited him to 8.4 points in 32 minutes per game this series.

“I think it’s simple,” said Rivers. “He can’t get away. Ray and Reggie Miller, Reggie when he was 38 could space himself on the floor. Right now when Ray is moving, the guy’s right next to him. But he still has great value for us. Brandon [Bass] got a bunch of layups because Ray was on his side of the floor. They’re just not going to leave him.”

— Rivers had a comment about trying to gauge his team’s mood tonight.

“I don’t even know,” said Rivers. “I tell you, I’m the worst. I wish I could predict. People ask, ‘What do you think?’ Well hell if I know. If I knew we were going to win I’d just shut up and not say a word.”

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