Celtics, Sixers brush off Kevin Garnett comments

PHILADELPHIA — As expected, the Celtics and Sixers refrained from fanning the flames Wednesday morning in regard to comments made by Kevin Garnett about Philadelphia fans. Garnett called Sixers fans “fair-weather” fans after Game 5 Monday night.

A reporter from a local television station here tried to get Garnett to talk about the comments as he walked onto the court this morning for his team’s shootaround. Garnett smiled, then laughed, and kept walking.

“You know not to ask me that,” said Garnett.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers did not take the bait, either.

“I don’t have any reaction to that,” said Rivers. “I’ll let you guys stir that pot. Have at it, have fun with it. I don’t think either fan base likes each other anyway. Someone asked me that yesterday and I said it doesn’t make any difference.”


Sixers forward Lavoy Allen said he didn’t want to get involved “in all that stuff.”

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