Celtics-Heat Game 1: What they’re saying

MIAMI — Here’s what people are talking about after Game 1:

— The Celtics offense (39.5 percent shooting) is not good:

Link: Ray Allen still struggling with shot

Link: Pierce, Bass, aren’t doing much better. Supporting cast never showed.

— The refs (you know it’s an NBA game with Dan Crawford and Ed Malloy trending on Twitter):

Link: Rivers takes issue with the technical he received.

Link: Dan Shaughnessy makes fun of the notion that technical fouls decided the game.

Link: OBF says don’t blame the technicals.

— Do the Celtics have a chance?

Link: They think they do. Fans are less optimistic.


Video: Rajon Rondo thinks they do.

— The view from Miami:

Link: Heat use different looks to stop Rondo.

Link: Chris Bosh still out.

Link: Supporting cast critical for Heat.

— What’s coming up:

The Celtics meet the media at 4 p.m. to discuss Game 1. Expect a lot of talk focused around whether or not the Celtics have a chance, can make adjustments, and make this a series.

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