Rivers said Celtics ready for Game 7


MIAMI — Celtics coach Doc Rivers did not have much to say Saturday morning as the Celtics prepared for yet another Game 7, this time for the opportunity to play the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.

The Celtics (including, Kevin Garnett, pictured right) are coming off a 98-79 pasting by the Miami Heat, a game dominated by LeBron James, who scored 45 points with 15 rebounds and 5 assists. The Celtics had won the previous three games in the series, including Game 5 in Miami. Rivers said the Celtics realize their opportunity.

“We’ll find that out later,” Rivers said when asked how his team will play. “I’ve been in a lot of shootarounds where I looked up at the coaches and said ‘we’re in trouble or we look great’ and the game comes and it’s different. I really don’t think you get a sense of your team. You know they will be ready. How they perform and all that stuff, we’ll have a lot to do with that and other team will have a lot to do with that as well.”


Rivers said all 14 players will be available to play, including Ray Allen, who showed up early to shootaround to get in extra shooting and Paul Pierce, who was receiving treatment during the media session.

“If you would have told me before the playoffs started that you could have a Game 7 to decide to go to the Finals, we would have taken it and we didn’t care where you played it,” he said. “So in a lot of ways, we love being here.”

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