Avery Bradley could be out until December

WINTER PARK, Fla. — The Celtics’ search for a shooting guard may intensify even further after the club revealed that Avery Bradley could miss some of the regular season because of another shoulder surgery scheduled for Tuesday at New England Baptist Hospital.

Bradley had surgery to repair repeated separations in his left shoulder in June and needed to wait for that to heal properly before undergoing a more minor surgery on the right shoulder. It will take weeks for both shoulders to completely heal, and that would take Bradley into the regular season.

Bradley missed the entire series vs. the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals because of the troublesome shoulders and without Ray Allen, the Celtics may be with a brand new shooting guard on opening night.


“I have no idea, I really don’t,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said as the summer league entry practiced. “I hear the beginning of the year he’ll be back, [or] until mid-December, probably somewhere in between.”

Bradley was limited during his rookie season after left ankle surgery and played in just 31 games. He experienced a breakout second season, averaging 7.6 points.

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