Fenerbahce Ulker 97, Celtics 91

Final: Fenerbahce Ulker 97, Celtics 91: The Celtics really didn’t deserve to win this game. They committed 25 turnovers and never led in the second half. Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger each led the Celtics with 16 points.

Fourth quarter, 1:30, FBU 94-89: The reserves are all in but the Celtics have the ball and can actually make this interesting with another basket. Jeff Green has looked impressive with 14 points and four rebounds.

Fourth quarter, 5:10, FBU 91-84: The Celtics’ reserves are trying to make one final run as they really don’t want to lose to a team from Europe. FBU is shooting 48 percent from the field and 7 of 17 from the 3-point line. Romain Sato has 21 points and point guard Bo McCalebb has 20 with 4 assists and 5 turnovers.


End of third quarter, FBU 79-72: Amazingly, the Celtics, for as poorly as they have played, are within striking distance. Rajon Rondo, who has played 30 minutes, leads the Celtics with 13 points and nine assists. Jared Sullinger and Jason Terry each have 12.

Third quarter, 2:10, FBU 72-64: Fenerbahce Ulker played each of the past two nights but it looks fresher and more passionate than the Celtics, who have 20 turnovers before their first 20-point scorer. Rajon Rondo has five of those, including a couple of silly backcourt miscues. Kevin Garnett has 6 points in 15 minutes.

Third quarter, 5:47, FBU 68-58: It seems to be Fenerbahce’s night, it is hitting everything from the field and the Celtics look plain flat after some hard practices over the past few days. Jason Terry has 12 points and Jared Sullinger 10 for the Celtics. Rajon Rondo has 7 points and 7 assists. Romain Sato has 18 points and Bo McCalebb has 11 and four assists for Fenerbahce.

Halftime, FBU 55-45: The Celtics are playing horribly, having committed a whopping 14 turnovers and allowing FBU to shoot 51 percent. Also, Boston’s pick-and-roll defense has been nonexistent as the FBU big man have been cutting to the basket with ease. Former Xavier standout Romain Sato has 16 points for Fenerbahce. Jared Sullinger has 8 for the Celtics.


Second quarter, 1:53, FBU 49-43: FBU is pick-and-rolling Boston right out of Turkey and the Celtics are helpless. Romain Sato has 14 points for FBU while big man Oguz Savas has 8 — all off layups. Jared Sullinger is scoring but he can’t stop the bigger Savas defensively, something that could be an issue as the regular season approaches.

Second quarter, 8:30, FBU 39-35: Fenerbahce Ulker has drained four 3-pointers in the three minutes of the quarter and the Celtics look a little ragged. Doc Rivers called a timeout in the middle of an offense possession, so he’s not happy. Rajon Rondo has 7 points and Kevin Garnett has 6.

End of first quarter, Celtics 27-26: After looking a bit uninterested in the first half of the period, the Celtics bench picked up the intensity and ended the quarter on a 19-8 run. Jeff Green scored 5 points, Jared Sullinger scored a bucket off the bench and Rajon Rondo has 7 points. Romain Sato leads FBU with 5.

First quarter, 2:55, FBU 22-18: The Celtics have finally arrived here in Istanbul and the bench is making the rally. Jeff Green already has 5 points and a great sign for the Celtics is that he looks comfortable and smooth. Rajon Rondo already has three assists.

First quarter, 5:43, FBU 18-8: Fenerbahce is on an 11-0 run as the Celtics have grown cold from the field and are making silly turnovers trying to impress the Turkish crowd. Meanwhile, FBU is using a passing game to break down the Celtics’ defense. There is a lot of work to do for Boston.


First quarter, 8:20, FBU 9-8: The Celtics look comfortable against Fenerbahce but Romain Sato and shoot from long distance and he already had 5 points. Kevin Garnett has 4 for Boston.

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