Final: 76ers 107, Celtics 75

Final, 76ers 107-75: It was as ugly as it looks, with the Celtics basically relenting in the third quarter and trailing by as many as 34. Paul Pierce led Boston with 16 and Brandon Bass added 11. Five 76ers scored in double figures.

Fourth quarter, 6:40, 76ers 96-67: Preseason games are meaningless but the Celtics aren’t even being competitive. They have scored 8 points in the past 12 minutes. Spencer Hawes leads all scorers with 17 points.

End of third quarter, 76ers 84-63: Celtics get outscored 18-4 in the last half of the quarter and now this is a rout. The Celtics were 7-for-19 shooting in the quarter and committed five turnovers. Paul Pierce has 16 points and his night is done. This game is down to the Celtics third teamers.


Third quarter, 1:03, 76ers 79-63: A 13-4 run has given the 76ers their biggest lead of the game and the Celtics look listless. Thaddeus Young has 11 points in the quarter including 7 of the 76ers last 11. The Celtics got off to a strong start but now may be relegated to playing reserves the rest of the night.

Third quarter, 4:56, 76ers 68-59: The Celtics have gotten back into the game with some scoring spurts but missed shots have ruined their chances at a real rally. Paul Pierce leads all scorers with 16 points. Brandon Bass has 9 points.

Halftime, 76ers 56-42: The Celtics fell apart in the final 7 minutes of the half, getting outscored 20-7 and allowing Spencer Hawes to score 13 points while backup point guard Maalik Wayns added 8. The Celtics committed 14 turnovers in the half, eight in the second quarter as they look ragged and uninterested.

Second quarter, 5:40, 76ers 40-35: Spencer Hawes already has 11 points and backup point guard Maalik Wayns has 8 off the bench as Philadelphia is maintaining the lead. Brandon Bass has 9 points for Boston.

Second quarter, 8:49, 76ers 32-28: Brandon Bass is off to a hot start with 8 points while Jeff Green has a nice dunk off the bench but the 76ers are scoring with relative ease in the paint. Spencer Hawes has 8 points and Lavoy Allen has 4 in the quarter.


End of first quarter, 76ers 23-21: The Celtics committed six turnovers and allowed Spencer Hawes and Jason Richardson to combine for 12 points but still trail by a bucket. Paul Pierceh as 5 points for the Celtics and he may have seen his last action of the night. Dionte Christmas gets a nice round of applause in his first game in Philadelphia. Christmas attended Temple.

First quarter, 2:34, 76ers 17-15: A 5-point spurt gave the Celtics a 4-point lead but the 76ers have scored 6 straight points, the final four on easy layups and Doc Rivers is not happy about the defense. Jared Sullinger has 4 points on 1-for-4 shooting.

First quarter, 4:41, 76ers 11-10: Celtics have started 3 of 10 shooting but Jared Sullinger continues to plug away in the paint despite facing the bigger Lavoy Allen. So far Doc Rivers has yet to go to the bench.

First quarter, 8:00, 76ers 9-6: The Celtics have allowed the 76ers to get what they want offensively in the early going. Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger and Darko Milicic have the points so far for the Celtics.

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