Welcome to the Garden

Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving from the Garden. PeteAbe here, pinch hitting on the Celtics Blog for two games.

It’s one of the premier games of the season as the Celtics host the Spurs. It should be fun watching Rajon Rondo go up against Tony Parker and KG take on Tim Duncan.


PG Rajon Rondo
SG Jason Terry
SF Paul Pierce
PF Brandon Bass
C Kevin Garnett

PG Tony Parker
SG Gary Neal
SF Danny Green
PF Tim Duncan
C DeJuan Blair

OFFICIALS: Ron Garretson, Mark Lindsay, David Jones.


Pregame notes:

• The Celtics officially waived Darko Milicic. Gary Washburn said not to expect any sudden roster moves. The Celtics are going to be careful using final roster spot. Darko’s locker was cleaned out and his name plate gone.

Milicic left the team to attend to his sick mother in Serbia. Doc Rivers said it was “unemotional” for the team because Milicic was not with the team very long.

“I’d liked to have had that opportunity, I thought we were building him,” he said. “But you know how I feel about all the other stuff outside of basketball. I think that’s more important.”

• Rivers on the Division III guard Jack Taylor scoring an NCAA record 138 points on Tuesday: “I don’t think I could do that in a gym by myself.”

• Doc said that Paul Pierce does have a sprained ankle. He laughed, saying at first he thought Pierce was faking it get of practice on Tuesday.

“When he actually did sprain his ankle, I honestly thought, ‘This is the I-can’t-practice-tomorrow injury coming up.’ And it actually happened to be an ankle. But he’s OK,” Rivers said.

• Pierce is 25th in NBA history with 22,803 points. Duncan is 26th with 22,756.


We’ll have updates during the game.

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