Avery Bradley getting closer to practice

While Avery Bradley said he’s not big on timelines anymore, as he makes his way through his lengthy rehab for surgeries on both shoulders, there’s a chance the guard could see the floor in practice in the near future.

“Right now we’re just focusing on me getting stronger every day so I’m able to practice and don’t re-injure myself,” Bradley said. “When I am able to practice, we’re just going to see how I feel every single day, and just going to go from there.”

Asked about the possibility of a stint with Maine in the D-League, Bradley said no decisions have been made. It’s something he’ll worry about when his return date is more certain.


Bradley said he has continued to get stronger through the rehab process, feeling even a lot stronger than he did a week ago and “night and day” from two weeks ago. That has also helped with his ability to bounce back day-to-day as he goes through workouts.

He said he goes through tests with the trainers every day to see how much progress he has been making, often using resistance to measure. Other than that, he’s been shooting, conditioning, and lifting every day, and swimming a couple of times a week.

The tests, Bradley said, are even more important because “I lie to them sometimes because I want to get back.”

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