Final, Celtics 117-Mavs 115, double OT

Double OT, Celtics 117-115 : That second overtime was really, really ugly. The two teams combined to score five points total in the first 4:20, which were full of missed shots, turnovers, and even Mayo slipping and losing the ball at one point. But Rondo drove for a layup with 40 seconds to go, giving the Celtics a three-point lead. And Pierce, who finished with 34 points, added a free throw to extend the lead to four points with 17.3 seconds left. Vince Carter hit a three with 9.3 to go. Two more foul shots from Pierce. Two foul shots from Collison. Two foul shots from Pierce. Turnover, Mavs. Two foul shots from Lee. And a three from Mayo that didn’t change the outcome. Over. FINALLY.


Double OT, 3:20, Celtics 108-107: Pierce got the double OT started with a three. A little late, Paul, no? The Mavs answered with a bucket of their own.

End of first overtime, 105-105: OJ Mayo made the driving layup to tie the score, giving the Celtics the ball with 11.1 seconds to go. But the Celtics couldn’t get anything going, with Rondo dishing to Pierce who couldn’t get anything close to a real shot. Bad possessions for the C’s at the end of regulation and the first OT.

Overtime, 1:07, 101-101: Terry gets the steal, but misses the layup from Rondo at the other end. Derek Fisher fouls Rondo, though, for his sixth of the game.

Overtime, 2:05, Celtics 101-99: Pierce drives to the basket, giving the Celtics a two-point lead and prompting a Dallas time out.

End of regulation, 96-96, : When the Celtics were up by 14 in the third, it didn’t look like this game was going to go to overtime. But that’s where we’re headed. The game was tied at 96-96 with 24.6 seconds to go. Time out, Mavs. With 6.9 seconds to go, Rondo made the steal on Mayo, with Dallas not having attempted a shot. But with the ball in Rondo’s hands at the end of regulation, the Celtics didn’t get off a real shot either, and we’re headed for extra basketball here at the Garden.


Fourth quarter, 1:09, Celtics 96-95: Huge call here. Joey Crawford says the Mavs have it on a ball that went out of bounds as Pierce and Marion fought under the basket. The refs go to the tape, and the call stands. Mavs ball with just over a minute to go.

Fourth quarter, 1:44, Mavs 95-94: The Mavs got their first lead of the game on a three from Derek Fisher.

Fourth quarter, 2:20, Tie 92-92: It’s a tie game, at 92-92 with just 2:20 left to play. Time out, Celtics.

Fourth quarter, 3:33, Celtics 90-87: The Mavericks have 21 turnovers. The Celtics have 11.

Fourth quarter, 5:21, Celtics 88-85: Rondo is up to 12 points, 12 assists, and seven rebounds. But, more importantly, the Celtics have had a chance to extend their lead and they haven’t. Of course, the Mavs have had a chance to tie the game or take the lead and they haven’t either.

Fourth quarter, 7:27, Celtics 86-83: There’s a lot of basketball left to play, but the Celtics could be doing their best to give away a winnable game.

End of the third quarter, Celtics 76-70: The Celtics still have the lead, but it’s a lot more tenuous than it was earlier in the quarter. Rondo did hit a bucket at the buzzer to bring the lead to six points. It also gave him 10 points, and a double-double through three quarters. The Mavericks are getting balanced scoring from Collison (13), Kaman (12), Marion (11), and Jones (10).

Third quarter, 2:53, Celtics 70-63: The Celtics’ biggest lead was 14 points, but the Mavs have cut it down to seven as the third quarter winds down. Boston is shooting just 44.1 percent and being outrebounded 30-26 by Dallas.


Third quarter, 7:26, Celtics 63-52: The 11-point lead is the biggest for the Celtics tonight. Pierce is up to 20 points, and Garnett has 10. Rondo has 10 assists.

Halftime, Celtics 48-43: So close. Paul Pierce had his toe clearly on the line on his shot with 49.4 seconds left. But though it wasn’t a three, he made the bucket, drawing the foul from Collison to make it a three-point play. The Mavs answered with a three, but the Celtics still go into halftime leading by five points. Pierce leads the C’s with 16 points. Chris Kaman has 10 for Dallas. Rondo has seven assists, and Jeff Green leads with four rebounds for Boston.

Second quarter, 2:35, Celtics 45-37: For all the talk about OJ Mayo at Celtics practice yesterday, Mayo has just four points so far in this one. He’s 2-for-3 from the floor.

Second quarter, 6:43, Celtics 35-30: And, suddenly, it seems as if no one on the Celtics can shoot. They’re 12-for-29 (41.4 percent), though they still have the five-point lead over Dallas. Jeff Green is the biggest offender, at 2-for-8.

Second quarter, 9:38, Celtics 33-25: Big possession right there. Kevin Garnett gets his first rebound since Friday night against the 76ers, and it ends in a three pointer for Courtney Lee. There haven’t been many of those in the Garden this season.

End of the first quarter, Celtics 27-25: Despite playing for just five minutes, Garnett is your leading Celtics scorer tonight with six points. He’s followed by Paul Pierce with five points. Rondo has five assists. Chris Wilcox has three rebounds. Kaman leads with six points for the Mavericks.

First quarter, 2:05, Celtics 23-21: The Celtics were 7-for-10 from the field. Now they’re 9-for-19. And that’s only because Brandon Bass made their last shot.

First quarter, 4:08, Celtics 21-15: In his five minutes, Kevin Garnett has zero rebounds. (He’s been on the bench for a couple of minutes now.) Combined with his 0-fer on the boards on Saturday night, Garnett can’t be happy. You might recall he did his best David Ortiz impression after that game against the 76ers: “That’s bull #[email protected]%!”

First quarter, 6:04, Celtics 15-13: Both teams shooting well so far. The C’s have made 7-of-10. The Mavs have made 6-of-9.

First quarter, 10:57, Celtics 4-0: Celtics on the board first. Boston could REALLY use a winning streak, even one as small as two games. That’s been the theme all week, that the team needs to stop this win one-lose one streak they’ve got going. Will that streak come against the Mavs?

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