Final: Clippers 106, Celtics 77

Final: Clippers 106-77: It got ugly in the fourth quarter as the Celtics scored 10 points on 4-for-17 shooting. The Clippers were just that good and the Celtics aren’t ready for such competition. Maybe down the road.

Fourth quarter, 6:30, Clippers 96-71: The Celtics just aren’t ready for the Clippers. Los Angeles is too deep and has capitalized on nearly every Celtics mistake. Boston hasn’t played terribly but definitely not good enough to beat a team that has won 14 straight games.

End of third quarter, Clippers 82-67: A Rajon Rondo 3-pointer to beat the clock gave Boston a sliver of a chance to make a run in the fourth quarter. They trailed by as many as 21 and the problem is they can consistently hit shots to keep pace with LAC. The Clippers have four players in double figure and no Clipper has taken more than 12 shots. They have real balance.


Third quarter, 5:28, Clippers 71-57: The Clippers are staying close enough to make this interesting but they can’t hit consistent shots to make a real run. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett each have 12 points but the Celtics’ 12 turnovers have led to 15 Los Angeles points. Blake Griffin still leads the Clippers with 14 points.

Halftime, Clippers 60-47: The Clippers bench has lived up to billing, scoring 28 points, including 11 apiece from Matt Barnes and Jamal Crawford, who can’t be stopped off the dribble, Blake Griffin leads the Clippers with 10 points. Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry each had 10 for the Celtics. Boston has 9 turnovers.

Second quarter, 4:51, Clippers 50-40: The Clippers are going to be hard to beat if they keep shooting 3-pointers at a 54 percent clip. They have hit 6 of 11 so far, three by reserve Matt Barnes as they maintain a comfortable lead. The Celtics are playing better but need to cut into this deficit by halftime.

Second quarter, 7:54, Clippers 40-32: The Celtics started out the quarter with an 8-2 run but then allowed an 8-0 Clippers run and now have scored the last two baskets. Jason Terry has 7 points for the Celtics, 5 in the quarter. The Clippers are 17-for-31 shooting while the Celtics are 12-for-27.


End of first quarter, Clippers 30-20: The Celtics are lucky to be so close after shooting 36.8 percent and five turnovers. The Clippers were 10 for their first 15 but finished 2 of 8, allowing the Celtics to make a mini-run. Rajon Rondo has 5 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists already while Blake Griffin has 9 points and Willie Green has 6.

First quarter, 3:10, Clippers 24-11: The Celtics are just like that fighter stunned by a flurry. They are hanging on to the opponent, just trying to survive until the round end. The Clippers are shooting 62.5 percent and look like the best team in the league. Blake Griffin has 6 points.

First quarter, 7:19, Clippers 15-4: Well it’s a worse-case scenario start for the Celtics. The Clippers have begin hitting 7-of-10 shots, including 6 points in the paint while the Celtics are 2-for-8 with no scoring besides from Paul Pierce. Willie Green, of all Clippers, leads Los Angeles with 5 points.

The Celtics take on the Los Angeles Clippers, who have won 14 consecutive games. The Celtics are on the second of a four-game road trip.

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