Brandon Bass will start vs. Pacers

Brandon Bass will start in place of Jason Collins Friday night vs. Indiana. Collins had started the last seven games, with the Celtics going 2-5. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he liked playing Bass alongside Kevin Garnett and having Collins be size off the bench.”

“We want to stay as big as possible,” said Rivers. “What we didn’t like with Jason in the lineup is that with he and Kevin on the floor, we get small really quick. This way we keep a big on the floor at all times.”

Rivers said he was trying to help Bass get back to his previous form. He’s averaged 8.1 points on 44 percent shooting off the bench.


“You don’t do it just for the group, you do it for the individual at times,” said Rivers. “Brandon’s played better when he’s played with Kevin, though everyone has.”

— Gerald Green is averaging 7.4 points in 21.4 minutes per game this season. He averaged 8.9 points per game in two seasons in Boston after being the 18th pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. Green won the 2007 NBA slam dunk contest before being traded to Minnesota as part of a package for Garnett.

“He was so young,” said Rivers. “I don’t know if he wasn’t listening to me or anyone at that time. He had a lot going on. The dunk contest might have been the worst thing that ever happened to him.”

Green has bounced around with various other NBA teams and also played in the Developmental League and in Russia. He’s just 26 years old.

“That’s a lot at that age,” said Rivers. “It’ll probably do him well having gone through all that.”

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