Avery Bradley sits out practice; Leandro Barbosa asks for trade

WALTHAM – Avery Bradley wasn’t quite as active in Wednesday’s 90-78 loss to the Hornets as he has been lately, taking just four shots in 21 minutes on the floor.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Bradley may have injured his ribs during the game and would sit out Thursday’s practice. Bradley’s status for Friday’s game against the Bulls is unknown.

“He’s OK, not great,” Rivers said. “He got hit in the ribs or somewhere – I don’t even know where he got hit. We’ll see tomorrow. He’s not going to practice or do anything today, for sure.”


The news comes at a bad time after Bradley’s return had sparked the Celtics defense, which has allowed about 87 points per game since his return eight games ago.

Rivers said he had no intentions to change the starting lineup on Friday. But if Bradley can’t go, that could force Courtney Lee or Jason Terry into a starting role. Both have played well of late.

Barbosa could be on the move…

Leandro Barbosa was moving around on the Celtics bench for much of the game on Wednesday. Doc Rivers says Barbosa is always ready to go in, but the coach didn’t call Barbosa’s number until there was 2:41 left in the game and Boston’s fate had already been sealed.

Speaking to Bradesco Esportes FM, an ESPN radio affiliate in Brazil, Barbosa said he has asked Celtics president Danny Ainge for a trade.

Here’s a loose translation from Portuguese to English from FreeTranslation.com:

“I am not going to lie to you, I tried to leave from here several times, but Danny Ainge did not want me to leave,” Barbosa told the radio station. “He has admired my basketball for many years. I tried to obtain a good contract with the Boston Celtics, but that did not happen.”


Barbosa, the 2007 NBA Sixth Man of the Year, has averaged almost 11 minutes per game this season, a career-low for the 30-year-old guard.

An unexpected applause…

When Austin Rivers entered the game for the Hornets on Wednesday, the TD Garden crowd gave him a brief, but welcoming roar. Doc said on Thursday that he was completely surprised.

“It was really neat for the fans giving him that ovation,” the Celtics coach said. “I didn’t expect that. That was actually another strange event from last night. A player who has never played here comes in and they cheer for him. That was cool.”

The 20-year-old Rivers was also booed mightily when he approached the free throw line with 0.4 seconds left in the third quarter.

“I loved that,” Doc said.

Scal wasn’t using his head…

Former Celtic Brian Scalabrine told ESPN.com that he suffered three concussions during the 2008-2009 season, but insisted on playing through them when the Celtics need forwards in a first-round playoff series against the Bulls.

“The only two bigs we had were [Kendrick] Perkins and Big Baby [Glen Davis],” Scalabrine told ESPN. “I was the third rotational big man, and I got a chance to play a ton of minutes in the playoffs. So I said, ‘Hey, the long-term repercussions of this, I’ll deal with later. I’m going to push through and play.”

Scalabrine said he was suffering from many symptoms and couldn’t sleep longer than 3.5 hours.

“I’ve learned a ton about brain health,” he said. “Don’t listen to loud music in your ear all the time because that affects brain health, keeping cell phones away, using headsets.


“Why not have a healthy brain outside of concussions? This is a new way I live my life now.”

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