DeMarcus Cousins on the NBA: It’s a business

If you have a Google Alert set up for “DeMarcus Cousins,” then your inbox has been flooded this season with news that isn’t exactly focused on his on-court performances.

There’s the talk about his suspensions; he’s been issued three this season alone.

And there also have been the trade rumors, including those tied to the Celtics, whom Cousins and the Sacramento Kings face Wednesday night at TD Garden.

Still, Cousins, speaking Wednesday morning at shootaround, downplayed the trade rumors — and there have been plenty of them.

“I didn’t even know my name was in trade talks,” he said. “That’s part of the deal [though]. There’s always going to be allegations.”


Riiiiiiiight…We’re all sure you had no idea your name has been involved in trade talks.

Of course, Cousins said he isn’t astonished his name has come up in said talks that he was unaware existed.

“I’m not surprised,” he said. “I am a pretty decent player.”

Indeed. Cousins is averaging 17.4 points and 10.2 rebounds this season, including 12 points and 10 rebounds when these teams last met, a 118-96 Kings win in December.

Cousins later went on to say that if there is one thing he’s learned about the NBA, it’s that it’s a business, through and through, which is a culture shift that he says is new to him.

“I’m a loyal guy,” Cousins said. “I’m a family-orientated guy. But not so much in this league. You’ve kind of got to look out for yourself most of the time and always do what’s best for you.”

What’s best for Cousins, who has two years left on his rookie deal, would be a switch to a green uniform, Celtics fans would argue.

But it appears that the only green the mercurial third-year big man might be wearing any time soon will be in Seattle, where the Kings franchise is likely to move.


Why? Because A.) the Kings have given no indication that they’re willing to move him and B.) the Celtics don’t have much to offer Sacramento in return, especially now with Rajon Rondo injured.

Speaking of the potential move to Seattle, Cousins would only again say that the NBA is a business.

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