Live updates: Kings at Celtics

Final: Boston 99, Kings 81
That’s all she wrote from the Garden. The Celtics had six scorers in double figures, led by 16 from Paul Pierce. Their largest lead was 28. Tyreke Evans led the Kings with 19. The Celtics improve to 22-23, the Kings fall to 17-30.

Fourth quarter: 2:50, Boston 95, Kings 78
It’s not quite Gino time yet, but it’s close. Some fans are heading toward the exits. The Murphy’s “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” is playing over the speakers. We’re about done here.

Fourth quarter: 5:44, Boston 90, Kings 75
The Celtics are basically milking this lead and the clock. Paul Pierce added a nice job shot to keep it fresh. Chris Wilcox added a put-bad layup after a KG miss. The Kings haven’t exactly thrown in the towel. They’re still pressing the issue, even down 15 late.


Fourth quarter: 9:30, Boston 84, Kings 67
We’re still in blowout territory here, and the Celtics are slowly but surely extending their lead with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett back on the floor. Leandro Barbosa was also hit with a Flagrant 1 for a hard foul on Tyreke Evans. It appeared to be an unintentional clothesline on Barbosa’s part while Evans was driving to the basket.

Third quarter: 1:46, Boston 77, Kings 54
The Celtics once-enormous lead has started to slim down a little bit with their true second unit — Collins, Green, Bass, Barbosa and Terry — into the game. Their defense has also had some lapses, so much so that Doc has called a timeout to rally the troops. What the Celtics need to do is close this quarter out strong to have some momentum entering the fourth.

Third quarter: 5:17, Boston 74, Kings 46
The Celtics track meet continues, with this squad pushing the ball up the court at a break-neck pace, leaving the younger Kings in the dust. The combination of Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee has, so far, been a pretty potent one. They each have 9 points.

Third quarter: 10:17, Boston 64, Kings 38
The Celtics have been extending their 21-point halftime lead with more of what helped them build that lead in the second quarter: transition play. They’re moving the ball up the court very well (and very quickly) with the pass, and that has led to open shots. They’re also working the ball around a lot on offense, and that has led to open shots.


Halftime: Boston 59, Kings 38
Boston was hot that quarter, hitting 14 straight shots at one point, and they turned a two-point deficit at the start of the quarter into a 21-point lead at halftime. Impressive. The Celtics are shooting 62 percent from the floor (25/40) and Kevin Garnett has a game-high 11 points. Jason Thompson has 10 points to lead Sacramento.

Second quarter: 3:04, Boston 51, Kings 36
The Celtics are shooting the lights out, hitting all 13 of their shots this quarter thus far. They’re also on a 29-12 run, most of which has come from turning defensive stops into easy (or easy-ish) transition baskets.

Second quarter: 6:25, Boston 41, Kings 31
A Jason Terry baseline jumper has given the Celtics a double-digit lead, its largest of the night. The Celtics are really running and pushing the ball in transition. And it has been effective, even against a much younger squad in the Kings. We’ll see if it keeps working.

Second quarter: 9:45, Boston 30, Kings 26
Six straight points from Jeff Green, and an alley-oop slam from Kevin Garnett (via Leandro Barbosa) has put the Celtics back on top. A strong push from this squad once its starters checked back into the game. Also, some guy wearing a Yankees cap was shown on the Jumbotron and the Garden fans gave him the business, if you catch my drift.

End of first quarter: Kings 24, Boston 22
So much for that hot Celtics start. When the second units checked into the game for both teams, the Kings took charge. Marcus Thornton has seven points to lead the Kings. Kevin Garnett has a game-high 9 points on 4-of-4 shooting.


First quarter: 2:07, Boston 20, Kings 18
Well, the Kings have made a game of this when the second units checked into the game. Also news: Jared Sullinger is getting treated for back spasms. The Celtics say he’s likely to return to this game.

First quarter: 6:58, Boston 13, Kings 4
The Celtics have gotten off to a hot start behind Kevin Garnett, who has 9 points. They’ve been moving the ball up the floor pretty well so far with Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley. Also, Jared Sullinger appears to have tweaked his right leg. He just asked out of the game and went to the locker room. We’ll update you as soon as we have something to report.

And were moments from tipoff here at the Garden, where the Kings (17-29) will take on the Celtics (21-23) this Wednesday evening. We’ll have live updates throughout the game, so stay tuned to the blog. And be sure to check out tomorrow’s Globe for full coverage.

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