Celtics’ Pierce calls for Hunter’s removal as union director

Celtics forward Paul Pierce, the team’s union representative, called for the removal of NBPA executive director Billy Hunter after Hunter was placed on a leave of absence Friday by the union and president Derek Fisher.

Union representatives are expected to convene at All-Star Weekend in Houston to determine Hunter’s fate. Pierce, who spearheaded union decertification during the previous lockout, said Hunter’s tenure should come to an end.

An independent investigation into union practices discovered several misdoings but nothing illegal. Hunter was found to have hired his family members, invested union money into a fledgling bank that employed his son, agreed to a contract extension without the vote of the entire union membership and purchased gifts for executive committee members using union money.


Hunter responded to the report this week by firing his family members and implementing new restrictions against nepotism and other restrictions of his power, but Pierce said the gesture was too late.

“I think with the way things been going with the association, with all the accusations, I think it’s finally time for some change,” he told the Globe after the Celtics’ 97-84 win over the Orlando Magic. “A lot of the players been unhappy with what’s going on and so I think it’s time.

“Yeah I definitely think it’s time (for new leadership), too much controversy going on right now. Players (need to) rally around each other and find some new leadership to lead us into the next generation.”

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