Final: Celtics 107, Hawks 102 (OT)

Final: Celtics 107-102: Celtics survive, despite blowing a 12-point fourth-quarter lead. Paul Pierce finishes with 27 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists while Jason Terry adds 17 and Kevin Garnett 17 and eight rebounds. Josh Smith scores 32 for Atlanta and Jeff Teague 26 but they don’t score a field goal for the final 2:14.

First overtime, 9.9, Celtics 107-102: After a Hawks turnover, Jason Terry gets fouled on a jumper and hits two free throws. Atlanta ball.

First overtime, 35.0, Celtics 105-102: The Celtics were able to get some key stops after Atlanta scored a 3-pointer at the 2:14 mark and Jason Terry has just put the Celtics ahead 3 points on his third 3-ball of the evening. The Celtics are 10 of 20 beyond the arc.


First overtime, 2:33, Celtics 99-98 The Celtics have scored the last 5 points, including a Jeff Green 3-pointer that hit the rim four times before dropping through. Atlanta ball.

End of regulation, Tied at 94: Josh Smith misses a jumper that hits nothing but backboard. Overtime. The Celtics wasted many chances to seal this in regulation.

Fourth quarter, 2.2, Tied at 94: Kevin Garnett missed an 18-footer and the Hawks grab the rebound. Atlanta ball.

Fourth quarter, 31.7, Tied at 94: The Celtics have managed to blow the lead as Kyle Korver hit a tying 3-pointer. And the Hawks are getting anything they want in the paint, scoring nearly half of their points. Paul Pierce just missed a jumper. Atlanta ball with 17 shot clock.

Fourth quarter, 2:54, Celtics 90-87: The theme here has been established. The Celtics can’t put the Hawks away. After leading by 12 just a few minutes ago, the Celtics have allowed the Hawks to chip away. Jeff Teague has been a force for Atlanta with 24 points and eight assists while Josh Smith has stuck to take the ball into the paint and has tallied 26.

Fourth quarter, 5:38, Celtics 86-79: Once again, the Celtics looked primed to blow the game open, leading by 12 after a Kevin Garnett layup but the Hawks have responded with 5 in a row, prompting a timeout from Doc Rivers. Paul Pierce has 18 points and Kevin Garnett 17 for Boston while Jordan Crawford has added 9 points in 15 minutes. Jeff Teague has 21 for Atlanta.


End of third quarter, Celtics 72-68: Celtics have led for the past quarter plus but it just seems as if they can’t get a grasp on the game. The Hawks are playing well enough to stay close with Josh Smith leading all scorer with 20 points along with 6 rebounds and 5 assists while Jeff Teague has 18. Paul Pierce has 18 for the Celtics while Kevin Garnett has 15 but the Celtics have to pick up the pace and secure the ball.

Third quarter, 2:04, Celtics 67-62: The Celtics and Hawks are setting the game back 50 years with how badly they are playing right now. Neither team has scored since the 4:22 mark and the Hawks have missed five shots in that span. The Celtics are still shooting 51.1 percent but need more efficiency.

Third quarter, 6:15, Celtics 63-56: The Celtics are trying to take control but it seems each time they are on the verge of breaking it open, here comes the defensive lapses or turnovers. Paul Pierce has 15 points on 3-for-5 from the 3-point line while Kevin Garnett has 13 points and five rebounds. Al Horford has been solid with 15 points and six rebounds for Atlanta.

Halftime, Celtics 52-47: A 7-2 run at the end of the quarter broke a 45-45 tie as Jason Terry cans a 3-pointer with 4.2 seconds left to add to the lead. Paul Pierce has 13 points on 5-for-7 shooting but just missed two free throws while Terry has 10 off the bench. The Celtics have committed nine turnovers, which has been an issue. Jeff Teague has 12 points and Al Horford has 11 for the Hawks.


Second quarter, 2:28, Celtics 45-44: Boston actually led 41-31 about four minutes ago but they have broken down defensively and are out of fouls, sending the Hawks to the line. Josh Smith has 9 points, 4 during the Hawks 13-4 run while Jeff Teague leads Atlanta with 12 points. Paul Pierce has 11 points and Kevin Garnett has 9 but the Celtics should have a bigger lead give they are shooting 58.1 percent.

Second quarter, 8:06, Celtics 35-31: The Celtics are playing at a frantic pace but they have to start getting consistent defensive stops to create some space. So far the Hawks are hanging close because of 18 combined points from Jeff Teague and Devin Harris. Kevin Garnett has 7 points and three rebounds for the Celtics while the bench has already scored 13 points.

End of first quarter, Celtics 28-26: The Celtics are shooting 57.9 percent and have three 3-pointers but their defense has been putrid so far in allowing interior points and 3-pointers. The Hawks are 4-for-8 from the 3-point line and sharpshooter Kyle Korver has yet to attempt one. Paul Pierce has 11 points while four Celtics have 4 points. Jeff Teague has 8 for Atlanta.

First quarter, 2:43, Celtics 22-19: Defense has been optional so far as the Celtics are shooting 62.5 percent while the Hawks are at 47.1 with three 3-pointers and two layups. Paul Pierce is seems like he is primed for a big game with 7 points in nine minutes while Kevin Garnett has 5. Al Horford has 6 for the Hawks while Josh Smith and Jeff Teague have 5.

First quarter, 7:03, Celtics 12-11: The two teams have already combined for five 3-pointers, including one by Kevin Garnett, who was 0-for-11 from the 3-point line before hitting a trey on Wednesday at Indiana. Meanwhile, the Hawks have already hit three, including one from Josh Smith, who has 5 points.

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