Knicks losing ground in Atlantic Division, Celtics say they don’t care

WALTHAM — The New York Knicks have lost three straight and ground in the Atlantic Division, which they led the Celtics by 3 ½ games entering Friday.

The Celtics have won the division five straight seasons, but winning it this season doesn’t seem to be much of a priority.

“I’m sure if we hung Atlantic Division banners up here, we’d be looking at lot more closely at them, but right now we’re just floating under the radar, trying to win as many games as possible and play well going into the playoffs,” Paul Pierce said.


“I don’t even know how many games we’re back for the Atlantic Division. We don’t even get a T-shirt for that.”

Said Doc Rivers: “We would like to win the division, but I would rather win a world championship, if I had my choices.

“That’s the key, you want to be healthy and be right and give yourself the best opportunity to win in the playoffs. And if not winning the division tells you that you’re going to be better in the playoffs, I mean — where are those division banners? I don’t see one up there.”

The Celtics are also behind Brooklyn in the Atlantic. The Nets trailed the Knicks by 1 game entering Friday.

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